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Nan Yang Textile Groups owns world-class manufacturing firms– devoting to future trends of apparels, with the intelligent use of technology, best practices and high quality materials that continuously push the limits of apparel design. Combining good workmanship with innovative technical features result to apparel that make a difference in every lifestyle. The company is also highly-specialized in knitwear production. We offer the widest range of interesting products to world-renowned apparel brands, making our strength in innovation and designs recognized in the international market. Buying apparels from a vertically-integrated company like Nan Yang Textile Group, offers our clients great advantages in terms of quality, lead time and flexibility. With multi-production facilities strategically located in different countries, we provide our customers with large production capacity and import duty privileges.

Nan Yang Garment runs six garment factories in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. The total production capacity of these factories is 42 million pieces of garments per year and the combined workforce numbers to 9,000 people – making our production capacity one of the largest in South East Asia.



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