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Nan Yang Textile Group produces technically-advanced fabrics that successfully combine the elements of trendy design and exceptional performance. Our fabrics offer a variety of colors, structures and compositions, for applications that range from soft-finished to high-performance fabrics, as well as eco-friendly fabrics. We provide a complete range of knitted products – from basic to more sophisticated designs – to various apparel companies worldwide. Our products range from pieced-dyed, yarn-dyed to printed fabric. We constantly redefine and master its core competencies in knitted fabric design innovations, with the specific goal of providing customers with value-added satisfaction. Our knitted fabrics can be enhanced with special features like UV protection, anti-microbial effect, etc.

As a pioneer in functional fabric, our core competencies have led us to become a world-class leader in textile industry for high performance innovative textile. Our innovative fabrics continue to reap recognitions from the industry’s top apparel brands.


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High Performance


          An innovative fabric family specialized in moisture management through functional design suitable for various consumer need. Keeping its wearer dry and comfortable in all wearing situation. 


High Breathability

Superior air-flow comfort and dryness.

          Innovative, functional and very comfortable. Pulls away moisture while letting air circulates perfectly. Keeping its wearer in ideal comfort zone longer.


          Dry-Tech Comfort’s rapid moisture absorption transports sweat and warmth from the skin and exchanges them with dry comfortable air to leave skin dry with exception comfort.

Movement performance from dryness

          Dry-Tech Performa is specially designed to accelerate the water release rate of fabrics. The fabric moves and flexes with each movement providing the wearer with maximum movement performance in all activities while staying comfortable. 


          The fabric quickly dissipates moisture along with skin surface heat through innovation built into the yarn and the fabric, allowing the wearer to stay dry and cool even in a strenuous situation.

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Quick-wicking comfort


in every challenging situation

          Dry-Tech Extreme fabric lets the wearer powers through the toughest situation. Its rapid absence of dampness next to the skin, faster than other performance fabrics on the market, provides optimum heat and moisture regulation.


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          By pushing moisture and heat through and to the outside of the garment into the air, Dry-Tech Extreme cut through sweat and stickiness leaving skin cool and dry in seconds for that extreme situation where everything counts.

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