Look Further Beyond our Generation

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We are taking steps to reduce our footprint across our businesses, while creating a positive, lasting impact on the world.

Care for environment ranks high among our commitments. In addition to adhering to global standards and best practices, we go the extra miles by reducing energy, waste, water consumption and CO2 emission as well as complying with higher chemical compliance standards.

With 2020 Sustainability Roadmap, Nan Yang Textile Group strives to reduce impact on the environment in every stage of our value chain. We also incorporate environmental consideration into our product creation process to ensure that whatever we produce, direct or indirectly, we use resources efficiently and minimize adverse impacts of our operations on the environment. Also, we believe our focus on HRM, Safety and various initiatives of Lean lead to a high performing culture and thus increased productivity.

NYTG will be strengthening the sustainable practices as we believe that our environment strategies that we pursue will lead to a better environment for our future generations and society.


20% Energy Consumption Reduction by using more renewable energy like solar energy.


Recycle 85% of waste water into the dyeing process with Waste Water Improvement Project in the dyehouse.

Reduce 20% of fresh water consumption in the dyeing process.

Dyes & Chemical

Apart from acquiring bluesign certification and RSL/MRSL compliance, we are working to meet with ZDHC compliance in all facilities.

Carbon Footprint

Reduction of Carbon Emission by 20%.


With advanced manufacturing technology and product design, we focus more on “Recycle, Reduce and Reuse”.

Our target is to reduce 25% of waste by 2020.