NYTG expands business to attract youngblood designers The group debuts “Hatch Designer Hub” aimed at enhancing the ecosystem of Thailand’s textile industry.

6 February 2020, Bangkok: Nan Yang Textile Group, an ASEAN leader in innovative integrated textile and garment solutions and a global supplier of innovative fabrics, has officially launched Hatch Designer Huban innovative knitted fabric empire located in the heart of Soi Wat Son – Thailand’s largest wholesale source of knitted fabric. Tapping into fashion designer and new apparel entrepreneur markets, Hatch Designer Hub makes it possible for customers to access to innovative fabrics without the restriction of minimum order quantityThe flagship store also provides a Knitted Fabric CoDesigner Space and a Knowledge Center where designers and clothmakers can learn about textile and fashion ecosystems, including materials, patterns, and manufacturing process.

Mr.Vibul Tuangsitthisombat, CEO of Nan Yang Textile Group, said that Nan Yang Textile Group is a leading vertical textile and apparel solutions provider in South East Asia with more than 62 years of experiences. Providing textile innovation for leading apparel brands in Thailand and overseas such as NIKE, UNIQLO, OAKLEY, and MUJI, the group’s manufacturing capacity stands at 58 million pieces a year with six garment factories in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. Nan Yang Textile Group places a focus on innovation and continues to introduce technical textile ground-breaking developments with 13 textile innovations being launched in the market.

Over the past years, Nan Yang Textile Group business has been OEM basis and generated mainly from large-volume customers while the group is now implementing a new policy aimed at enhancing the parallel growth of textile and fashion ecosystems in Thailand. Witnessing the creativity of new generations and the rise of new entrepreneurs in fashion business, the group decided to launch ‘Hatch Designer Hub’ to attract designers who seek for quality fabrics to add value to their design as well as new generation entrepreneurs who aim to develop an apparel business and seek for basic knowledge about textile materials.

“Hatch Designer Hub is an innovative knitted fabric empire for small entrepreneurs and the first Knitted Fabric Co-Designer Space in Thailand. Located in the heart of Soi Wat Son, the country’s largest wholesale source of knitted fabric, Hatch Designer Hub provides entrepreneurs a complete range of innovative knitted fabric at the same quality offered to leading global brands. Buyers no longer need to worry about a minimum production lot size requirement.  Besides, Hatch Designer Hub aims to become a Knowledge Center where designers and clothmakers can learn about materials, fabrics, patterns, or manufacturing process. The idea is to enhance understanding of material selection, a key to apparel production as the knitted fabric can be made into a different type of clothes, including a casual suit. Meanwhile, new entrepreneurs who aim to expand business capability can also visit Hatch Designer Hub for specialist advice.”

The flagship store presents outstanding innovation of the knitted fabric with a selection of more than 1,000 items, and the product quality that is equivalent to leading apparel brands which also suits for the local market. Introducing with prices that ranged from 160 to 460 baht per kg with a minimum purchase of 3 kg, Hatch Designer Hub makes it possible for entrepreneurs to start a business with low investment but still be able to offer a wide variety of styles for customers. For the past 11 months since the soft opening, Dry-Tech fabric has been the best-selling product as the innovative fabric features cool, dry, and comfort feeling with moisture transport, and high breathability, which is well suited for the weather conditions in Thailand and consumer lifestyles and Syntrel, since the rising of health consciousness in new-generation consumers, demand on sportswear has been significantly increased in the past 5 years.

According to the customer data, up to 80% are entrepreneurs who manufactured products and wanted to explore innovative fabrics. Meanwhile, the rest 20% are new entrepreneurs who are starting their apparel brands. “HATCH Designer Hub is aimed at driving qualitative growth in textile and fashion business. We want to utilise this place to maximise the potential and create new fashion entrepreneurs with a sustainable competitive advantage, create opportunities, and enhance business expansion. The official launch of HATCH Designer Hub in this year will help to increase customer awareness along with the use of social media such as Facebook, an essential communication tool to reach new-generation customers. We also plan to conduct workshops to exchange experience, promote knowledge, and guide entrepreneurs about the method to develop fabrics into fashion apparels. Besides, we will collaborate with famous and influential fashion brands among new generations such as HAMBURGER STUDIO, as well as Q Design and Play to launch special collections made of HATCH fabrics, which we believe that these activities will certainly inspire young-generation designers”, said Mr. Vibul.

For designers and fashion entrepreneurs, visit HATCH Designer Hub at Soi Suk Sawat 35 (Wat Son). Open Monday – Saturday 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Parking area, beverages, and free WiFi are available. For more information, Tel. 02 8168232 or follow HATCH Designer Hub at facebook.com/hatchdesignerhub/

About Nan Yang Textile Group 

Nan Yang Textile Group is a provider of a complete range of textile solutions which is has been in business for more than 62 years. From spinning, knitting and dyeing, to apparel making and supply chain, the group is among 1% of the global textile industry which operates a vertically integrated textile business. Today, Nan Yang Textile Group is recognised globally as the ASEAN leader in innovative integrated textile and garment solutions and unrivalled professional service. The group is made up of 14 affiliated companies, with a total workforce of over 16,000 people. Nan Yang Textile Group has always been dedicated to the development of cutting-edge innovative products and processes, value-added services, environmentally friendly practices, as well as sustainable development of the fashion industry.

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