Soul of Siam Sea Games

Nan Yang Textile Group was present at the press conference ‘SOUL OF SIAM Elevating Thainess’ where the football kit was launched for the Thai National Football Team for their trip to the Philippines to attend the 30th year of the Sea Games.

The strong revival of ‘Preserving Thainess’ in the past few years has lead to the concept of ‘SOUL OF SIAM’. A unique concept that celebrates Thainess through the use of modern graphics as well as a collaboration with innovative fabrics.

In the press release, the brand Syntrel has received a large amount of respect from Grand Sport and Mr. Mario Maurer, a representative for Thai athletes, who wore a tracksuit for the Sea games this year. The combination of the streetwear design and the Thai inspired print, further highlights the sports casual aspect of the outfit.

The tracksuit is made from Syntrel fabric, a material especially made from the technology Microfiber Polyester, which has high breathability along with moisture wicking properties. It is an easy care fabric that has a quick drying function making it the perfect outfit for this weather. These properties allow the athlete to be on the move all day pairing with the slogan “I AM UNSTOPPABLE “ seamlessly.

Another outfit from the collection that received a lot of attention was the polo shirt worn by the fencing national Mr. Ruangrit Haekerd. The blue polo shirt has geometric graphic work on the sleeves contrasting with the navy trim and a ‘Thailand’ print along the back. The material used for this polo shirt is the Dry-Tech fabric, a double layered construction, which has moisture wicking, high breathability properties for a cool and comforting wear throughout the day.

These athletic outfits made from the Syntrel and Dry-Tech fabrics in the ‘SOUL OF SIAM’ collection can be found in he Grand Sport shops.
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